Apr 16, 2009

Why You Should Market With Video

Here's the short answer:
52% of all internet traffic now, are videos.
12% of all internet traffic, goes to YouTube alone.

It you don't know how to make videos, do a search on YouTube,
for "How to make videos" - and you'll get hundreds of
free video tutorials you can learn from.

The most important thing is the keywords you use:
a) In your video title
b) In your description
c) In your tags

They keywords you use is primarily how it will get indexed,
and appear in search results - so when people searches for
something in particular, and it matches your keyword, you'll
appear in the results.

For example, if you want to use a keyword,
"make money online for single moms",
make sure those keywords are in your title,
all over your description (repetition is good),
and also in the tags.

When uploading videos, BELIEVE ME ON THIS ONE.
Upload it using
It's a free service, that allows you to upload a video
to multiple popular video websites including youtube,
metacafe, and others. You'll gain massive exposure only with
a few clicks, instead of uploading to individual websites
manually...which will take forever.

After you're done with that, and the video has been
uploaded....the next step is to market it.

Do this first: Ask as many friends as possible to rate
your videos 5 stars. If you start to get low ratings,
edit your video, and disable ratings, so it remains
as a high rated video. Youtube pulls out high rated
videos first.

Next, use social bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon,
and Delicious. Do a search in Google for 'social bookmarking'
and you'll find hundreds of results.

I did a quick video tutorial on a specific one (Stumbleupon)... right here:

Hope this helps to market your Teamwork Revolution business.


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