Apr 15, 2009

Teamwork Revolution Day 1

I joined teamwork revolution 1st of April.
I emailed some friends I know in Facebook
told them a little bit of background about Teamwork
Revolution. Two people responded.

The next day, immediately both of them signed-up. Yey!

The day after, one of them signed-up two more people.

I'm now earning $6 a month, only on the 2nd day of joining.

By the way, when I emailed my friends in Facebook, I didn't
say something stupid like "Hey..join me in this program and you 
can make some money!".

Instead, I said... "Hey..listen. Are you up to doing something
outside of what you're currently doing".

Then I wait for a reply...

Then I ask another questions... and a small conversation happens.
Only then, do I tell them about teamwork revolution.

Moral: Don't pitch your business first. Build relationships and rapport first.


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