Apr 25, 2009

Spillover Does Work! Proof Attached

I have 2 accounts in Teamwork Revolution. One that I heavily promote,
and the other which I leave as it is to test whether I can make
free money from spillovers.

Within 3 weeks of joining Teamwork Revolution, my second account
(the one I leave as it is) got 3 free spillovers IN ONE DAY, from either
the free rotator, or spillover from my upline.

Check out the proof in this picture:

I have never promoted this dormant account, so this just proves that
doing nothing also helps make a litttleee bit of money. Hey, it's better
than nothing!

But get this....!

It turned out that the new member I got from the spillover
is an advanced internet marketer, so she will be able to help me
grow my network, and I will be leveraging off her efforts, on top of
my own.

That is the true beauty of Teamwork Revolution. I can't thank the
company enough.

If you're thinking about starting an online business, and work from home
without much stress, I highly recommend Teamwork Revolution. At least,
do yourself a favour and do a background check on the company.


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